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Print With True Purpose.

The corporate brochure has a vital role to play in promoting your business and attracting new customers. But as reception coffee tables groan under the weight of corporate print that no one bothers to read, AI LOGIX would like to offer you an alternative solution.

We can cut a swathe through the piles of bog-standard corporate brochures to deliver something with real gravitas and professionalism. We can project the true nature of your organisation and ensure the first impression is a lasting one.

We do this by considering every aspect of the design in detail. The colour, the balance, the choice of words and images. These are all key elements in making your corporate brochure as powerful as it can be.

The Corporate Brochure Solution

One strong, striking and pitch-perfect piece of print. A brochure that presents your brand, your message, your product clearly and effectively.

  • Something that people will pick up, look at, and actually read
  • A thing of beauty, balancing style and content.
  • A work of wonders.
  • Known simply as: The Corporate Brochure.

Conspicuous Design

The success of compelling marketing collaterals such brochures depend on both the medium and the message. It should possess not only an attractive design, an appealing look-and- feel, and eye-catching graphic design but also easy-to-process, persuasive content that helps customers to retain the information being presented for a Call for Action.

Brochure Design That Makes an Impact

What sets good brochures apart from not-so-good-ones is not simply the paper it is printed on or the picture on the cover. It is the overall impression consisting of:

  • Well-written content
  • Visuals that are coordinated with the text
  • Information that is accurate and complete and finally
  • The overall brochure design.

AI LOGIX brings you a rich experience of over a decade in brochure design and packaging design services for both small companies and large corporations. Our turn-around efficiency allows us to deliver what you want as fast as possible.

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